During their first years most of the school districts provide new teachers with a mentor. Some have very formal mentoring programs and others are more relaxed. Each school should provide new teachers with an internal mentor, however. Whether the teacher is fresh out of college or coming from another school district, this should happen. Effective schools have strong core values that each teacher knows. Only by pairing a new teacher with a mentor who truly believes these core values will the school's mission be fulfilled. A mentor can help a new teacher learn the ropes on a more practical side. They will introduce them to key office staff and help them navigate the bureaucracy involved with items such as field tips and purchasing classroom items. Almost every department in a school will have its share of politics and drama. A Mathematics Department might have teachers, for example, who want more power or who try and get a larger share of the department's resources. There will probably be some sort of seniority system set up for picking courses for the following year or determining who gets to go to specific conferences. A quality school will not allow this type of behavior to undermine the quality of teaching students, however.

Tips for quality school

Again, this starts with quality leadership from the Principal on down. On its goals for each department and work with the department heads to create a collaborative environment where politics are kept to a minimum the school leadership should be clear. A level of trust grows which allows for greater innovation and more effective teaching when the faculty is empowered to make decisions backed up by the administration. An individual who feels empowered and involved in the decision-making process will not only have greater job satisfaction but will also be better able to accept decisions with which they might not agree. This starts with the Principal and the shared core values that all relate back to determining what's best for students as before. A school where teacher opinions are not valued and they feel powerless will result in disgruntled teachers who do not have the desire to put as much into their teaching. You can tell this type of school if you hear phrases such as "Why bother?" There will be teachers who do not want to share with others even in the best of schools. They will be the ones who get to school in the morning, close themselves in their room, and don't come out except for mandatory meetings. The school has a problem in case the majority of the teachers at your school do this. Instead, a quality school will create an atmosphere where teachers want to share with each other. This should be something which the school and department leadership should model. The school leadership in a quality school provides teachers, staff, students, and parents with frequent communication about what is happening. Rumors and gossip are rampant in many schools. Many of these rumors can lead to disgruntled employees.