Teachers often make do with what they have and are happy with any credit they receive. Their jobs are not easy, but there are many things that others can do to make their jobs easier. Teachers want several things from their students, parents, administration, other teachers, and the local community. Many of these things are easy to comply with, yet these stakeholders fail to fulfill these simple wants that could make each teacher tremendously better than anyone. So what do teachers want? They want something different from each of the stakeholders that they deal with on a daily basis. Here, we examine twenty-five things that teachers want that would improve teacher quality significantly across all classrooms. Teachers want students to come to class each day ready to learn. They want them to come prepared, focused and motivated. They want students to enjoy the learning process and to be active participants in the learning process. They also want students to be respectful. They want students to respect their authority. They want students to respect each other. They want students to respect themselves. A respectful and trusting environment allows teachers to maximize learning opportunities each day.

Things that every teacher would like

They want students to understand that the concepts they are teaching them are meaningful. They want their students to make real life connections. They want their students to see the big picture and to understand that they truly are there because they want to make a difference. Another thing that they want is students to be critical thinkers. They want students who desire to understand the process of finding the answer as much as the answer itself. They want students who are not lazy and are as invested in learning as the teacher is in teaching. Teachers want students to recognize individual strengths and weaknesses. They want students to apply their strengths so that others in the class can learn from them. They want students to be aware of their weaknesses and to make a continuous effort to improve upon those weaknesses. Teachers also wish parents to be involved with their child’s education. They want parents to take an active role in the education of their child. They want parents who will ensure that all homework gets done and that the child is getting plenty of rest so that they will be alert in class each day. Teachers want parents to value education. They want parents to stress the importance of education from an early age. They want parents to read with their children each night, to help with homework, and to challenge them academically. They want administrators to provide them with adequate resources. Teachers understand that money can be tight for schools, but there are certain resources that they must have. Teachers expect the administration to find a way to fund it in case a teacher finds a resource that they believe will benefit all students. These are some of the things that teachers want most often.