Being a special education teacher often means hours of creating activities and materials for drill, reputation, for any way we can make learning fun for students who struggle to retain material. Those challenges have been multiplied with the new emphasis on inclusion as we look for ways for typical children and students with disabilities to collaborate on learning activities. Teaching made easier is actually a web based tool that is created to generate a variety of educational materials. The tool works through a simple three step processes. Type your list, Choose your activity and Create your activity – these are the three steps. It is that simple, though the many different activities create a plethora of different ways to create learning activities. There are clocks and flash cards, word wall cards and a cube that can be used as giant die. Roll the block and do the problem, name the letter, do that activity for that square. Thanks to this web based tool teaching in class can be much easier so teachers and students will be able to work together. The more things you learn about it as a teacher, the more success you’ll have in your class.

Teaching made easier

Not only does Teaching Made Easy provide innumerable nifty templates from flash cards to clock faces, they also provide words, numbers and other formatted educational information that support a broad range of literacy, math and many other curricular activities. The numbers category includes numbers – you set the range – time – for clocks, math facts and Roman numerals. Words include several categories as well as some specific lists that are created for participating school districts. Also pictures include a range of categories, pictures you can load onto cards for initial or finally letter sounds, categorizing for logic and any number of other academic tasks. Also you can create your own lists and save them. Teaching made easier will doubtlessly cut hours off of preparing flash cards lists and other resources you need in a classroom, either an elementary or a special education classroom, truly easy to use. The fact that you can quickly make activities to support a particular lesson is a great boon, especially when your data collection or formative assessments make it clear your students are not ready to move on to the next level or skill. Teaching made easier, on the other hand, is not quite ready for five stars in the rating system of many of the educational websites. Some but not all of the templates will randomize your words, letters or numbers. In others the engine will slot the words, numbers and letters in the same order you place them in your list. You can randomize the items with the shuffle button. There are currently no suggestions for using the different products on the website itself, though there is a Teaching Made Easier Facebook page. All in all this is a great tool, especially for a special education teacher with arrange of abilities represented either in a self contained class or a resource room.