They just clear it with their bosses and have a good time while their co-workers are at the office when most people want to take some time off. It s not that simple for school teachers.  An adult has to be in the classroom. The substitute teacher takes over the teacher's schedule for that day when a teacher takes off a school day. The substitute is there to maintain discipline and get at least something on the teacher's lesson plan done more than anything. You will be a successful substitute teacher in case you do that. Substitute teachers are hired by school districts rather than individual schools.  Applicants may be asked to complete some sort of pre-emploment testing and provide proof of certifications if they are required in addition to filling out a district's application. Education requirements vary from state to state. Some states require educator certification and a college degree while others only require a high school education or equivalent.  More education may mean higher pay in some districts, so be sure to list all your education on your application.

Substitute teacher

Substitute teaching positions usually do not require any experience. It can be an excellent way for someone to try out the teaching profession prior to investing too much time and energy into it because experience is not required. After substituting a few times you can get a feel for how a typical teacher's day will flow depending on the grade level of the class. You can also see common discipline problems associated with each grade level and observe how other teachers handle the situations that come up through the course of the day. College students pursuing a teaching career sometimes schedule their classes so that they have days during the week to substitute teach. While gaining practice in their profession, this allows them to earn some money. You will have planned days that you will be substituting and days when you're called early in the morning to go to a particular school once you are in the substitute teaching routine. The more established you are in the district, the more planned days you will have because teachers will request you for their classes. Many districts now have online systems where substitutes can accept jobs and teachers can schedule substitutes they know and are confident can handle their classes. The online systems are sometimes linked to automated phone systems that eliminate the need for an administrative technician to man the district's phone line for teachers calling in sick for days when teachers call in sick. For a planned absence, an experienced teacher will leave you with more than enough to do with the expectation that some of it will be done. This will help you keep the students busy and therefore less likely to cause discipline problems. It also won't leave you floundering trying to figure out something to do that is safe and maintains a reasonable volume.