Your student teaching experience is meant to help you prepare to be an effective classroom teacher.  You will learn a vast amount of information that you will carry with you throughout your teaching career throughout your journey as a student teacher. Use these student teacher resources to help you learn the basics and answer any unknown questions that you may have. You've completed all of your core teaching courses, and now it is time to put everything you have learned to the test. You have finally made it to student teaching. Congratulations, you are on your way to shaping today's youth into successful citizens. At first, student teaching may sound a bit scary, not knowing what to expect. But, then this experience can be one of the best in your college career in case you arm yourself with enough knowledge. Here you will learn what student teaching is really like. How long will it last, what can you expect during the experience, and much more. As your best marketing tool, it is important to think of your student teaching resume. The student teaching semester serves as a culminating experience for pre-service teachers to have the opportunity to refine his/her skills and gain supervised field experience in the classroom.

Student teacher resources

You will observed many times by the classroom teacher, cooperating teacher, and your college supervisor during your student teaching experience . Here is an example of a student teacher observation checklist. This is a general checklist that is very similar to the one a student teacher would receive from their college professor. This is a list of the things the observer is going to be looking for. During student teaching you will learn how to write your educational philosophy statement. This is also the time when you will learn what you would like for your classroom one day and what you do not like. Here you will find a sample educational philosophy statement to help you get an idea of what one looks like. A teaching portfolio is an essential item for all educators. Every student teacher has to create one, and continually update it throughout their career.  Learn how to thrive as a student teacher. Here you will learn eight essential tips to help you have a teaching and learning experience like no other. Use these student teaching strategies to help you land that dream job after your hands-on experience is done. This guide is meant for first year teachers but can easily help out any student teacher. Here you will learn tips on how to manage your classroom, welcome you students, plan a lesson, incorporate learning strategies, grade homework, integrate technology, communicate with parents, and deal with the unexpected. You finally have your own classroom! Now it's time to turn that empty room into an inviting unique learning space. Use these creative resources to help inspire you to set up an organized successful classroom. A successful school starts with planning. Use these resources to help ease the first week jitters and help you get acquainted with your students.