Most principals have several committees that they rely on for assistance with certain tasks and/or specific areas. These committees often have valuable insight within that specific area. It is always good to meet with them a final time before the school year is up, although they meet throughout the year as needed. This final meeting should target specific areas such as how to improve the committee’s effectiveness, what the committee should work on next year, and any final thing the committee might see needs immediate improvement before the upcoming school year. It can also be beneficial to collect information from your parents and students in addition to gaining feedback from your faculty/staff. You do not want to over survey your parents/students, so creating a short comprehensive survey is essential. You may want the surveys to focus on a specific area such as homework or you may want it to include several different areas. In any case, these surveys can provide you with valuable insight that could lead to some major improvements that will help your school as a whole. The end of the school year is a great time for cleaning up and inventorying anything new that you may have been given throughout the school year.

School year checklist for principals

I require my teachers to inventory everything in their room including furniture, technology, books, etc. I have built an Excel spreadsheet that the teachers have to put their entire inventory on. The process is simply an update each additional year that teacher is there after the first year. Doing inventory this way is also good because if that teacher leaves, the new teacher hired to replace them will have a comprehensive list of everything that teacher left behind.  I also have my teachers give me several other pieces of information when they checkout for the summer. They give me their student supply list for the upcoming year, a list of anything in their room that might need repaired, a want list (in case we somehow come up with some extra funds), and a holds list for anyone who might have a lost/damaged textbook or library book. Most superintendents will schedule meetings with their principals at the end of the school year. However, it would be a good idea for you to schedule a meeting with them in case your superintendent does not. I always think it is imperative to keep my superintendent in the loop. As a principal you always want to have a great working relationship with your superintendent. Don’t be afraid to ask them for advice, constructive criticism, or to make suggestions to them based on your observations. I always like to have an idea of any changes for the upcoming school year which would be discussed at this time.  Contrary to popular belief a principal does not have much time off during the summer.  The instance that my students and teachers are gone from the building I am putting all of my effort into preparing for the upcoming school year.