All the educational institutions like schools, universities and colleges can use an attractive and effective website in several different ways. Quality sites can be helpful for attracting applications from new students, and the sites can be useful for communicating information to existing students, parents and even donors. Often excellent sources of inspiration are the portfolio websites. They frequently demonstrate attention to detail and exceptional creativity. Furthermore they often showcase creativity and take some risks that may be possible with other types of websites. In some of the numerous sources in Internet you can find school website design from a variety of styles including minimal, nature-inspired, textured, illustrated, brightly colored and more. You can find something to like in all the sources whether you are looking for inspiration to put the use in the design of your own portfolio site or want to browse some excellent websites. The design of the websites is very important because they are used to promote the educational institutions. Some of the things that they contain are information about the colleges and universities and how they are structured. You can find different suggestions of design and to create your own.

School website design

School website design is very important for parents, students, staff and the community. Websites of high schools are undeniably vital asset. High schools can use a website to communicate both internal and external messages, events, news, and help further drive fundraisers and sports programs – if utilized properly. Social media integration allows websites to provide additional forms of communication and interaction with the student body as well. Many high school websites are revamping their websites and utilizing these new technologies in 2013 – but not enough as you can easily see. Years back in Internet there was a post highlighting a few high school websites that had nice design. To this day the post gets a lot of attention so the people that did the post figured its time. Web design trends have changed a lot since the original post and in search for nice high school web design there were a number of modern and updated websites. Bellarmine College Preparatory and Mater Dei High school are institutions with nice design. The site of the Bellamine College features a nice blue layout with a logo overlapping the header element. It has a number subtle drop-shadow and the home page layout features a decent slider. Saint Ignatius College Preparatory is another nice school website design. Both subtle background images and textured patterns make this layout flow and appear nice visually. The main slider on the home page features a college of images rotating every couple seconds. If the images main slider faded it would be better than hard-flashed and the main navigation had actual text rather than images. Creating of school website design is not easy and requires specific knowledge. This is the only way students to be attracted and visit it. The design includes not only pictures but also combination of different colors.