Parents can be your worst enemy or your best friend. Over the course of the last decade, I have been able to work with some of the most difficult parents, as well as some of the best parents. I believe that the majority of parents do a solid job. However, there are those few rotten eggs that cause teachers and administrators to rethink their career choices, hide when they see them coming, and to curse them behind closed doors. These are the parents educators wish they could find in an empty alleyway and knock some sense into them. These parents make doing our job so much more difficult than what it has to be. Any teacher will tell you that if a child’s parent is supportive that they will gladly work through any issues that might arise over the course of the school year. Teachers are human, and there is a chance they will make a mistake. Despite perception most teachers are dedicated professionals who do a terrific job day in and day out, however. Most are exceptionally skilled at what they do but it is unrealistic to think that there are not bad teachers out there.

School tips for parents

Please don’t judge the next teacher based on the previous, and voice your concerns about that teacher to the principal in case your child does have a lousy teacher. Make sure that the teacher knows how you feel about them and also let the principal know if your child has an excellent teacher. Voice your support not only for the school as a whole, but for the teacher, too. One of the most frustrating trends in schools is how the level of parental involvement decreases as a child’s age increases. It is a extremely discouraging fact because children of all ages would benefit if their parents would stay involved. The other years are important as well while it is certain that the first few years of school are arguably the most important. Children are smart and intuitive. It sends the wrong message when they see their parents taking a step back in their involvement. Most children will start to slack off too. It is a sad reality that many middle school and high school parent / teacher conferences have an exceedingly small turnout. The ones who do show up are the ones that teachers often say don’t need to, but the correlation to their child’s success and their continued involvement in their child’s education is no mistake. Nothing undermines the authority of a teacher any faster than when a parent continuously bashes them or talks bad about them in front of their child. Your child should never know exactly how you feel. It will interfere with their education but there are times when you are going to be upset with a teacher. Your child will likely mirror you in case you vocally and adamantly disrespect the teacher. Keep your personal feelings about the teacher between yourself, the teacher and school administration.