You cannot open a newspaper, watch the news, or get on the Internet without finding something negative about public education. Public education is under attack like it has never been before. School reform is being touted harder than any time in history. Teachers and administrators have somehow become a scapegoat for a system that they did not develop, nor implement. There is no denying that there are flaws in our current educational system. However, there is not an instant fix. Those wanting a quick fix are not realists and in turn become part of the problem. It is going to take years for true school reform to take place. It will start with small changes eventually equating to the greater goal. The sad reality is that while school reform has been a pressing issue for decades, no true reform has occurred. The same issues we had in 1960’s with public education are an issue today. There are many assumptions made by those outside of public education about public education. Assumptions are typically misleading. It is difficult to understand why many Americans continue to make assumptions instead of searching for a deeper understanding and a solution to the problem as valuable as children are.

School reform

There are many assumptions made about public education that drives school reform. There are bad teachers just like there are bad lawyers, bad doctors, and bad politicians. Every field has that rotten egg that makes you want to throw out the remainder of the dozen. The majority of teachers, however, are excellent teachers that are there for the right reasons and who work extremely hard to educate the students entrusted to them. Many teachers have a significant enough impact that they can indirectly influence generations of families. Being a teacher is a powerful calling. It isn’t as easy as it seems, but the great ones make it seem effortless. Teaching is much more than an 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. job. Planning for the next day, and looking for ideas that will make them a better teacher, most of the teachers spend hours at night grading papers. Sure they get summers off, but many spend their summers attending professional development workshops to improve. Here is a challenge for those that think teaching is easy or that most teachers are bad teachers. Set up a visit with your local school’s principal. Explain to them your perception of teachers and ask them if you can volunteer in a classroom for a couple of days. I guarantee you will come out of that experience with a new perspective and deeper appreciation for those in the education field. The United States is the only country that requires its schools to take every school age child. You can have a wide range of intelligence, disabilities, language and much more in a single classroom. This provides a particularly difficult challenge for teachers to overcome. Part of the issue comes with the fact that public education has for the most part always grouped students according to their age.