Transferring colleges can certainly be appealing if you're not enjoying yourself at your current college or university. And there can be some pretty legitimate ones, too while there are definitely some bad reasons to transfer. Good Reason #1: The academic program you are interested in isn't offered at your current institution. Think hard on this one, however, a creative writing major and your current institution only offers a general English major that difference may not be worth transferring to a completely new school -- and life in case you want to be, say. Focus more on what you can learn instead of the title on your degree in case here are classes you want to take available at the school you're at now. That being said transferring might indeed be a wise choice in case you discovered a love of art history or kinesiology during your time in college and your current school doesn't offer anything close to those topics. Good Reason #2: You can't afford your school any longer. It's not uncommon for students' parents to lose or change jobs, thereby causing a major shift in family finances, or for an institution to face significant and unexpected tuition hikes.

Reasons to transfer in school or college

 Make sure you think the math through in case his is your situation. In case you might end up spending more money than if you had stayed for example, you have to go to school for an extra semester or two at a new school because your credits won't transfer. But if financially it's too difficult for you to stay put, then looking into schools that better fit your budget can be a smart move. You'll need to think through this one pretty carefully just like the other items on this list so the good reason three is: Your family needs you.  Think as long-term as possible when it comes to this topic. Will you be better able to assist and support your family over the long-term if you stay where you are although your family might need you right now? What will your family lose by your transferring colleges? What will they gain? There isn't necessarily a right or wrong answer, and most situations involving family dynamics are quite complicated. Just make sure that you're in school in ways that reflect what you want and need and that can also help your family. Good Reason #4: You have specific medical needs. If you are unable to take a leave of absence or need to be closer to home or a medical facility, transferring colleges can be a smart choice: you'll be able to stay in school while still being able to adequate deal with your medical issues.  Make sure to talk to your academic adviser before to transfer, however. You might be able to take some classes online, take a leave of absence, or take incompletes in your classes (which will allow you to finish them at a later date), depending on the timeline of the treatment for you illness or situation. It is indeed possible to push "pause" sometimes on one's college experience.