Teaching is a difficult profession. There are many problems for teachers hat make the profession more complicated than it has to be. This doesn’t mean that everyone should avoid being a teacher. There are also substantial benefits and rewards for those who decide that they want a career in teaching. The truth is that every job has its own unique set of challenges. Teaching is no different. The following are seven problems that every teacher wishes could be resolved. Every Student is Educated. In the United Stated public schools are required to take every student. While most teachers would not ever want this to change, it does not mean that it will not lead to some frustrations. This is especially true when you consider how teachers in these schools in the United States are negatively compared to teachers in other countries who do not require every student to be educated. Within the students that you teach part of what makes teaching a challenging career is the diversity. Every student is unique having their own background, needs, and learning styles. Teachers in the United States cannot use a “cookie cutter” approach to teach. They have to adapt their instruction to each individual student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Problems for teachers that limit effectiveness

Being adept at making these changes and adjustments is challenging to every teacher. Teaching would be a much simpler task if this were not the case. Teachers were only responsible for teaching the basics including reading, arithmetic and reading in the early days of American education. Those responsibilities have increased significantly over the last century. It seems that every year teachers are asked to do more and more. Author Jamie Vollmer, highlights this phenomenon calling it the ever increasing burden on America’s public schools. Things that were once deemed a parent’s responsibility to teach their children at home are now the school’s responsibility. All of these increased responsibilities have come without a significant increase in the length of the school day or the school year meaning that teachers are expected to do more with less. Parents who don’t support their efforts to educate their children is the more frustrating thing for all the teachers. Having parental support is invaluable and the lack of parental support can be paralyzing. It almost always has a negative impact in the class when parents aren’t following through with their responsibilities at home. Research has proven that children whose parents make education a high priority and stay consistently involved will be more successful academically. It takes a total team effort from the teachers, parents, and students. Parents are the most powerful link because they are there throughout the child’s life while the teachers will change. There are three essential keys to providing effective parental support. Those include making sure your child knows that education is essential, communicating effectively with the teacher, and ensuring that your child is successfully completing their assignments. There will be a negative academic impact on the student in case any of these components are lacking.