You will have happy and enthusiastic people in the building that are teaching or learning on a daily basis in case those are your priorities. Understanding the importance of special needs education is vital to a school administrator. As a principal it is essential to know and care about the legal guidelines established by Public Law 94-142 and other equal laws. Every student is given fair treatment based upon their IEP and you also need to make sure that all of those laws are being carried out within your building. As much as any other student in your building, it is  critical that you make the students who are being served by special education relevant and that you value their learning.  It is equally pertinent to work with the special education teachers in your building hands-on and be willing to assist them with any problems, struggles, or questions that may arise. The teaching evaluation process s a significant part of a school administrator's job. The evaluation of teachers is an ongoing assessment and supervision of what is going on within and around an administrator’s school facility. 

Philosophy of education leadership

Although should be something that is done either formally or informally every day, this process should not take place on a one or two time basis. Administrators should have a clear idea of what is going on in their buildings and within each individual classroom at all times. This is not possible without constant monitoring. You want to enter their classroom with the idea that they are an effective teacher when you supervise and evaluate teachers. This is essential because you want to build on the positive aspects of their teaching ability. However, understand that there are going to be areas in which every teacher can improve.  To build a relationship with each member of your faculty where you can comfortably offer them advice and ideas on how to improve in areas where refinement is needed should be one of your goals. You should encourage your staff continuously to look for better ways and be ongoing in their pursuit of quality education for all students. An important part of supervision is to motivate your staff to improve in every area of teaching. You also want to have a large quantity of resources and strategies available in areas where teachers might want or need assistance. Administrators should create a school atmosphere of respect among all administrators, teachers, support staff, students, parents, and community members.   Student learning will be increased substantially in case mutual respect is truly present among all players within a school community.  An important concept in this theory is that respect is a two way street. You have to respect your teachers, but they also have to respect you. Your goals will line up, and you can proceed with doing what is best for the students with mutual respect. An atmosphere of respect is conducive to student learning at a greater rate and at a higher level.