Education in the performing arts schools is a key part of many primary and secondary education curricula. Furthermore it is available as a specialization in the tertiary level. Broadly dance, music, theatre and performing arts are key elements of culture and engage participants at a number of levels. This engagement is often lifelong through participation and formal and informal education. For some people the end point for performing arts education varies. It is part of their engagement in their own and others culture, such as that of indigenous people and folklore, for others it leads to professional careers up to an elite level. The physical demands for this latter group depending on the discipline are such that early entry into training can be essential. This is seen particularly with classical ballet and circus arts. Often performing art schools are core curriculum area in education and seek to expose students to ways to both express such emotions and ideas that they cannot express in language alone. The curriculum needs to be sequential, from preschool to high school, to develop skills of the students and understanding of creating, performing and responding to, and provides opportunity for students to make connection among the arts with other disciplines within the core curriculum, and with arts resources in the community.

Performing Arts schools

The performing arts differ from the plastic arts insofar as the former uses the artist’s own body, face and presence as medium performers often adapt their appearance by stage makeup, special clothing and much more. When talk about performing arts schools one of the best institutions is this that is located in New York City. It is called the Professional Performing Art School and it was founded in 1990 to meet the needs of two groups of students. The first one wanted to pursue professional work in the arts as they earn a junior/senior high school diploma. The second group wanted to study the arts as an avocation. The special mission of this small school is to develop, refine, and showcase students in different fields. Some of them include dance, vocal music and drama while also providing them with a rigorous, meaningful academic curriculum. The institution is delivered by professional dancers, musicians and actors through professional studios. Every student auditions for performing arts major. Academic staff gives students the opportunities for daily study through a rigorous, comprehensive, sequential and fully integrated academic curriculum. The course of study is centered around an interdisciplinary, multicultural inquiry based approach to learning which prepares students for college and a professional career in the arts. It ends in a New York State Regents endorsed diploma. In this school and also in all performing arts school may enroll all the people who want to develop their skills and knowledge in the fields of art. Thanks to the professional actors, musicians and artists that teach in these schools students receive the best preparation that will certainly help them to succeed in making a professional career.