Parkway school district is a public school district that serves eight municipalities in western St. Louis Country, Missouri, United States. It operates four comprehensive high schools, one alternative high school, eighteen elementary schools, five middle schools and one early childhood center. The district is named for the Daniel Boone Parkway which is also known as Interstate 64. Parkway South Middle School is one of the five middle schools operating by the district. The school mascot is the Patriot and the colors are red, white and blue. For the last twenty-six years the principal of the school Craig Fenner has worked for the Parkway School District. South middle students are each assigned to one of two or three teams on each grade. Each of the teams consists of teachers that teach required subjects. They include science, mathematics, communication arts and more. Most teams have two Communication Art teachers. These students in 7th and 8th grades are assigned to homerooms where they go at the beginning and ending of school. Students in the school can take two electives along their required classes. Some of the electives include foreign language, Practical Arts, Fine Arts and Instrumental Technology.

Parkway school district

Parkway school district operates many educational institutions. For all of them you will find information later but now pay attention to Parkway South Middle School. Most of the students are required to take P.E. for 2 of the 3 trimesters and health the other trimester.  The classes are mixed with girls and boys in sixth grade but in seventh and eighth boys and girls are separated. P.E. classes go outside to the football field or stay in the gym in the early months of school. Some of the classes include flag football, gator ball and more. There is a baseball and archery in the spring. Sometimes classes will alternate between the big and the mini gym. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays after school activities are held. On Thursday, January 20, 1983 eighth grader David Lawler brought to school a blue duffel bag containing two family-owned 22 caliber pistols and a murder note that outlined his intention to kill the next person heard speaking ill of his older brother Ken. He had received the 100 rounds of ammunition used in the shooting as a Christmas present. He entered a study hall classroom approximately 11.55 am and opened fire with the two pistols. He hit two fellow students one of which was fatally shot three times in the back piercing his heart and died at 12.28 pm. Health students in the school are sometimes split into 7th and 8th grade classes. Many classes involved the human body, drug education, personal health, dangers of smoking and many other thinks like that. After school activities take place three times a week. On Mondays are 6th grade intramurals, South Middle Sinfonia, Chess Club and Math Club. On Wednesdays are 7th grade intramurals, Student Counsil, Jewelry Club and Yearbook Club.