'Bad parenting' is used to describe people who are not parenting in a way that will help their teen become a happy successful adult. They aren't keeping the goal in mind. Their reasons vary. They are too busy with other responsibilities to take the time they need to learn about being an active effective parent, they find parenting too much of a chore and aren't up to the task or in the worst case scenario, they are parents who simply don't care enough to parent well. Unfortunately, it is not the case while we like to think that all parents give at least a good faith effort towards their children and teens. We also like to think that those we know don't employ bad parenting habits. Or we don't have any of these poor habits ourselves. But that's when our own bad parenting habits can really hurt a teenager when our mistakes get in the way of our parenting goal. In case you see yourself doing these things, you can change your behavior, this is good news. The even better news is that when you do, your teen will too.

Parents should avoid bad parenting mistakes

That's learning a new parenting skill which is good parenting! Here are the top bad parenting mistakes and advice on how to fix them.  Parents who yell all of the time and use their screaming as their 'go-to' discipline technique are using a bad parenting skill while t is understandable that we will lose our temper and raise our voices. Changes when our children grow into teens, while it still needs to be clear and effective. t is bad parenting not being involved in your teen's life. This means more than knowing where your teen is hanging out and who they are hanging out with, its knowing what your teen likes to do when they are hanging out. That parent is able to stay involved with their teen simply by asking how their basketball game went when a parent knows that their teen likes to play basketball and he goes to the school gym to play in a night league. They can have a conversation, which builds the teen's confidence and strengthens their relationship. The parent can then help their teen find other opportunities to play basketball and so see a game. Knowing your teen creates win-win situations that helps parents guide teens towards a fulfilling life. Forgetting what it's like to be a teenager. We have stress in our lives, there is work, taking care of our home, day to day chores that are all our responsibility. We need to not get so caught up in what is our world that we forget our teens have things to worry about also as parents. It is important to them while  waiting for a text from our BFF may not seem all that important to us when we need our teen's help with getting dinner on the table.