Big consequences are the key to stopping fights from occurring on campus. Most students do not want to be suspended from school for a long period of time and they especially do not want to deal with the police. Having a policy in your student handbook that deals with fighting with tough consequences will help deter many fights from occurring.  Students today as a whole aren't as respectful adults as what they used to be. They simply aren't taught to be respectful at home. Character education is increasingly becoming the school's responsibility.  Effect on your school building can have a policy in place that education and demands mutual respect between both the students and the faculty/staff.  It is amazing how much more pleasant it can be and how issues connected with discipline can be minimized through such a simple thing of respecting one another. Every student handbook needs a student code of conduct. The student code of conduct will be a simple list of all the expectations that the school has for their students. This policy should be at the front of your handbook. Instead needs to be an outline of the things you feel are most important to maximizing a student's learning potential but the student code of conduct does not need to go into a lot of depth.

More policies in student handbook

Students need to have a list of all the possible consequences if they make a poor choice. This list will also assist you in trying to figure out how to deal with a particular situation. Being fair is very important as you make decisions discipline.  There are many factors that go into that situation. They cannot tell you that they didn't know or that it isn't fair in case your students are educated on the possible consequences and have access to those in their handbook. There are times when you will have to search a student or a student's locker, back pack, etc.  Because an improper or inappropriate search can result in legal action, every administrator better know proper search and seizure procedures. Students too, should be made aware of their rights. Having a search and seizure policy can limit any misunderstanding about a student's rights when it comes to searching them or their possessions.  There is no job in education more daunting than that of a substitute teacher. A substitute often does not know students very well and students take advantage of them every opportunity they get. Administrators often deal with many issues when substitutes are used.  Substitute teachers are necessary with that said. Having a policy in your handbook to discourage poor student behavior will help. Educating your substitute teachers on your policies and expectations will also cut down in discipline incidents. There are probably much more things about the strategies helping students to create discipline for themselves. It is a very important factor in order to succeed not only in school, college or university but everywhere.