Not every child learns the same way or at the same age. There are many external factors that influence this. Grouping according to age does make a teacher’s job more difficult because of the varying levels, but when you have an estimated fourth of your population starting school too early, you are setting yourself up for failure. The most frustrating assumption is that the responsibility of education falls solely on the teacher. Nothing could be further from the truth. It takes a total community effort to educate a child successfully. This does not just include the parents and teachers. The entire community must value education and make it a priority to be fully effective. Too many people want to gripe and complain about education and not enough want to get involved and make a real difference.   We would see a dramatic improvement on the overall quality of education in our schools simply through increased support in case communities would come together and create symposiums that value education. It is virtually impossible to give every child the individual attention that they need with many teachers having class sizes above 30 students.

More about school reform

A level of commitment within a community where academic successes are valued and praised would be the largest step a community could make towards true school reform. Negative stories about teachers and schools far outweigh the positive stories. The truth is that across the United States, there are much more positives than there are negatives. Why does the media concentrate on a school’s failure or a teacher’s mistake? The bottom line is that these types of stories sell more papers. We have become a society that feeds on negativity. We love to read about how a school’s test scores are low or about the teacher who had inappropriate relations with their students. These things do happen, but they would feature more articles that highlight positive aspects of schools and the teaching profession in case he media were truly unbiased. Like it or not the media shapes many American’s perception on a variety of topics and education is no exception. What sells and what is right are two different things. Simply by producing more stories with positive overtones concerning education, media pundits could make substantial contributions in the school reform movement. The truth is that schools, administrators, and teachers do a far better job of educating our youth than they ever have before. Many people see published reports of how our schools are failing and think that they were taught more than what students now are taught. That could not be further from the truth. Media scrutiny of schools has increased throughout recent years as standards have become more rigorous and the emphasis on standardized testing has increased. Teachers today are responsible for teaching far more content than those of previous decades. Now there is a much broader focus on what is required in education where  schools used to focus on reading, writing, and arithmetic.