You have to give respect first in case you expect to gain the respect of my teachers, students, staff, etc. That is why it is important as a leader to have an attitude of servitude. That does not mean that you allow people to step all over you or do their job, but you make yourself readily available to help people out should the need arise. You set up a basis for success as a building principal because the people under you are more likely to accept changes, solutions, and advice if they respect you by doing this.  It is also crucial for you to be prepared to make tough decisions that go against the grain as a leader. There are going to be times when it is necessary to make these types of decisions. As a leader, you have a responsibility to make choices based upon what is best for your students. It is important to realize that in case it is best for the students, then you have a rational reason for making those decisions, you will step on people’s toes and that some will be angry with you.

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Believe that you have earned enough respect that the majority of your decisions are not questioned when making a tough decision. However, in case it has the best interest of your students in mind as a leader you should be prepared to defend a decision. You should realize the importance of adhering to all laws governing the school including federal, state, and local school board policy as a leader. Understand that you could be held liable and/or insubordinate for your actions in case you do not follow the law. In case you in turn are not willing to follow the rules and regulations set for you to follow, you cannot expect your faculty, staff, and students to follow my rules and regulations. You can only trust that there is compelling reason for a specific law or policy to be put in place, but realize that you must follow it accordingly. However, work to do anything in your power to have the policy rewritten or thrown out in case you believe that a policy is detrimental to your students. You will still adhere to that policy until that happens. It is also necessary to check before reacting.  I need to consult other administrator, lawyers, or legal guides before you address that issue in case there is a topic that you do not have a lot of knowledge about. You will always remain within the confines of what is legal in case you value your job and care about the students under your care. A principal has two main tasks that their day should revolve around. The first of these principal duties is to provide an atmosphere that promotes high amounts of learning on a daily basis. The second is to advance the quality of the daily activities for each person within the school. All of your tasks should be prioritized based on seeing those two things take place.