Middle school is each school in which children attend between Primary and Secondary school in places which use three levels of schooling, more often between the ages of about 10 and 11 and 14 – 15 although this varies. More commonly two levels of schooling are used with children moving directly from primary to secondary school at about eleven years old. In different states, however, “middle school” has different meanings. For example in Afghanistan middle school consists of six, seven and eight grade. By the time when the Taliban took the control over the majority of the country, girls were not allowed to attend public school. This was between 1996 and 2001. Since then both girl and boys are required to attend school by the government where it has control. The Taliban insurgents, however, continue to both attack and burn down schools in the countryside which they deem secular threatening Taliban ideology. In other states such as Brazil for example the term is a mandatory stage that precedes High School called “basic cycle”. It consists of about three to four grades, fifth or sixth to ninth ages, also ten and between eleven and fourteen.

Middle school

In Canada are both used junior high school and middle school depending mainly of what grades the school caters to. Junior highs tend to only include graduates seven, eight and nine. Another common model is grades between five and eight. Alberta, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island junior high schools include only grades 7 – 9, with the first year of high school traditionally being grade 10. In the People’s Republic of China middle school has two stages. They are junior stage and senor stage. The first one grades 7 -9, some places are grade 6 -9, and the second one grades 10 – 12. The junior stage education is the last three years of 9 – year – compulsory education for absolutely all the young citizens while the senior state education is optional but considered as a critical preparation for college education. Some of the middle schools offer both stages while some have either of them. In Czech Republic after completing 9 year elementary school a student may apply for a high school. Students may enroll in high school from Grade 5 to Grade 7 of elementary school. In elementary school they can spend five years followed by eight in high school. The first four years of high school are comparable with junior high school. In France the equivalent of middle school is college which lasts four years from the equivalent of the American and Canadian Grade to the third which is the equivalent of the Canadian and American Grade 9 accommodating pupils aged between eleven and fifteen. Upon completion of the latter, students receive the award Brevet des colleges in case they obtain a certain amount of points on a series tests in various subjects. Then they can enter high school which lasts three years from the Seconde to Terminale until the baccalaureat and during which they can choose a general of professional field of study.