Degrees in mechanical engineering schools are offered worldwide. The programs usually take four to five years of study and result in a Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Science Engineering and much more in such countries as Ireland, Brazil, Pakistan, China, Greece, India, United Kingdom and more. Mechanical engineer is the formal name of the degree in Spain, Portugal and most of South America. In all of them neither BSC nor BTech programs have been adopted. Coursework is based on 5 years of training but you have to pass a state exam at the end of the course in order to qualify as an Engineer. The coursework in Greece is based on five year curriculum and the requirement of a Diploma Thesis, which upon completion a “Diploma” is awarded rather than a B. Sc. Most of the undergraduate mechanical engineering programs in the United States are accredited by the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology to ensure similar course requirements and standards among universities. The web site of this organization lists 302 accredited mechanical engineering programs as of May 2014. The programs in Canada are accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board and most other countries that offer engineering degrees have similar accreditation societies.


Mechanic engineering schools

In many of the mechanic engineering schools Mechanical Engineering is intended to provide students with a strong foundation in a board range of engineering sciences and mathematics followed by an in-depth study of engineering concepts specific to the practice of Mechanical engineering. Intended to develop skills of the students in analysis, experiment and computation the curriculum is based on core programs. Furthermore the curriculum develops general problem solving and decision making skills and provides a wide overview of all engineering disciplines. Core programs are often followed by three semesters during which students elect to focus on 1 of 5 possible interrelated options within Mechanical Engineering. The programs provide specialized training required to practice ad entry-level Mechanical Engineers in several areas and also provide capstone design experiences for all the graduates. Although mechanical engineering degrees in Australia are an increasing number of specializations they are awarded as Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering or similar nomenclature. The degree takes 4 years of full-time study to achieve. Engineers Australia accredits such engineering degrees that are awarded by Australian universities in accordance with the global Washington Accord to ensure qualify in engineering degrees. The student must complete at least three months of on the job work experience in an engineering company before the degree can be awarded. Similar systems are also present in South Africa and are overseen by Engineering Council of South Africa, simply known as ECSA. Standards set by each country’s accreditation society are intended to provide uniformity in fundamental subject material, promote competence among graduating engineers, and to maintain confidence in the profession of engineering as a whole. For example, engineering programs in USA are required by ABET to show that their students can work professionally in both mechanical and thermal system areas.