Kyrene school district is a K-8 school district serving parts of Temple, Guadalupe, Chandler and Phoenix, Arizona as well as portions of the Gila River Indian Community within Maricopa Country. It has nineteen elementary schools and six middle schools. The district office, the Ben Furlong Education center is located at the intersection of warmer Rd. and Kyrene Rd. in Temple. The district is overseen by David Schauer. It was founded at the request of nine families who wanted a school district for seventeen children in 1888. The original boundary area was far smaller than currently; the district confirmed its east boundary at Price Road and has since extended west from its 56th street/Priest Drive boundary and south from Pecos Road to include much of the Gila River Indian Community though the north boundary is unchanged. The district built a small school that was destroyed in a windstorm. The Kyrene School site was at McClintock and Warner roads, 2 miles due east of the Furlong Center until 1920. Many of the teachers who received their educational certificates from Arizona State University originally called Temple Normal School, taught in one of the two-schoolroom buildings.


Kyrene school district

Kyrene approached the early 1970s with 600 students in the entire district. Most of them were Hispanic students from  a small area which name was Sende Vista, just south of Guadalupe, an area of south Phoenix called Highland Terrace and the Hightown neighborhood of Chandler. The districts to school were transported with five buses. In the 1970s resources were concentrated on building classroom space for the district that would grow fourfold by 1980. C.L. Waggoner elementary was added to, and the district completed Lomas and Norte elementary schools. Another wave of new schools was brought in 1980s built in mostly the same designs. In this period were built nine elementary and middle schools and 11 more followed by the 1990s. Three more school buildings brought the district to twenty-five elementary schools. The teachers in all the schools from Kyrene school district have high expectations both for students and themselves. They are all dedicated to the emotional, social and academic development of each child. They are 100 % certified and highly qualified, and provided with continuous training and professional development. The reputation of district speaks of high academic standards, innovate teaching methods and a “whole child approach”. Furthermore it speaks of conservation in managing resources. Kyrene has over 125 years of excellence in education. The vision of the Kyrene school district gives preparation to the students for both educational and life challenges to make positive contributions to society. All the teachers and employers realize the mission of the district to engage and inspire the diverse community of staff, students, citizens and families to ensure continuous academic achievement and personal growth for every student. All students are assigned to a home school according to their street address into E-link system of the district. This system will tell you the school and if your child walks or rides a bus.