IESE Business School is the graduate school of business of the University of Navarra. It is also known as International Graduate School of Management and Institute of Higher Business Studies. The school has campuses in Barcelona, Madrid and New York City and teaching facilities in Sao Paolo and Munich. It offers Master of Business Administration, Executive Education and Executive MBA programs that are consistently ranked among the best in the world. Furthermore the school is an initiative of Opus Dei – a personal prelature of the Catholic Church. Under the guidance of Harvard Business School and by launching the first two-year MBA program in Europe the school came into prominence in 1964. In 1963 the Harvard –IESE Joint Advisory Committee was established and continues to meet annually concerning matters of mutual interest. The school began offering academic programs in USA in 2007 with the opening of the Institute for Media and Environment in New York City. IESE Business School became the first European school of Business to establish permanent operations in the United States with the opening of its state-of-the-art New York Center Building in midtown Manhattan in April 2010. It offers such programs as MBA, Global Executive MBA and Healthcare Management Programs.


IESE Business School

IESE Business School has helped establish fifteen other high-quality business schools mainly in developing regions of the world in the same way that the school was guided by Harvard Business School when it was first established. The global reach of the school goes well beyond the school’s campuses and facilities in Madrid, Barcelona, Sao Paulo and New York. It has links to associated schools of business and those with which it has exchange agreements and partnerships give the students a heightened sense of partaking in a global community. The school has international academic alliances bring the world to the IECE classroom and the IESE experience together with its global vision and the diverse nationalities of program participants and students. IESE Business School has collaborated in a variety of ways with Lagos Business School such as an advisory board made up of IESE professors and the opportunity for students to attend IESE’s PHD program in Barcelona for many years. The school signed an agreement with Strathmore University in Nairobi to establish a business school in 2005. IESE Executive Education offers a wide portfolio of open and customized executive programs that are delivered in Barcelona, Madrid, New York City and many other global locations. The International Advisory Board of the school was established in order to help IESE access the evolving socioeconomic context in which business functions and the latest tendencies, needs and advancements In the field of management and leadership education. It was created in 1989. The school inaugurated a new executive education center located in midtown Manhattan in 2010. In our days this is one of the best schools of business In the world that gives excellent preparation to all the students that enroll in it.