A terrific part time, flexible job for parents, retirees, and others looking for employment during daytime school hours is substitute teacher, or teacher's aide. As long as you have a four year degree, you can apply to be on the call list for substitute teachers, so many of the districts do not require a teaching certificate for substitutes. You may be eligible to substitute in an aide or teaching assistant position with an associates or high school degree. Protocols vary by state and county, and even by district in some areas. You can check with the main office at your school district, check the website, or look on your county's BOCES website for prerequisites for the position, and how to apply. Usually you will find an application to fill out online, and some other paperwork that you may need to submit. There may be an essay question on the application where you will have the opportunity to outline the qualities and experiences you possess that qualify you as a sub. As you can be certain that they will be called, you will need references willing to speak on your behalf.

How to find a substitute teacher job

You should also submit a current resume, focusing on your applicable strengths. Most districts will require fingerprinting, and a background check which will cost a nominal fee. Many also have online or in person training requirements, dealing in child abuse, bullying hazardous materials, etc., to make sure that you are equipped to keep students safe. Some of these seminars may also have a fee associated with them. You will likely be contacted about any further seminars you are required to attend, and whether your application is complete once they have received all your materials. Once you have completed all the required training, and have been thoroughly investigated, your name will go on a call list. Certified teachers will be often called first, unless someone has a specific request. Because many of the districts allow them to request specific substitutes, make sure that all the teachers you know are aware once your name is added to the list. Working as a sub is a terrific option for many people, because you don't need to accept any assignment that doesn't fit in with your schedule. You do not need to take a call in case you have a child home sick. The hours can be tailored to fit your needs in case you have a vacation planned, or have another part time job. Questions you might be asked during a teacher job interview, suggested answers, and advice for acing a teaching job interview.