You are probably starting to think about when and where you should begin looking for that perfect teaching job as you complete the teacher certification process. First off, where to look? When it comes to searching online for a teaching position, there are several options. Some types of the teaching job websites help both the hirer by providing a page where schools from all over the country can post their job vacancies and the hiree, by filtering the educational job postings out of the larger job search websites like or  To go right to the source - sign on to the webpages of the school districts you are hoping to teach in is another way to locate your first teaching position. Often there will be a link on their site where they list employment opportunities in their district. You will find job openings for a variety of positions when searching on district or board of education pages. You may come across teacher's aide positions or long and short-term substituting positions, both of which are great ways to get your foot in the door. As a way to sample different schools or grade levels or as a way to put you in the right place at the right time when that perfect job opens up, think of substituting.

How to find a job as a teacher

Many districts start posting job openings in early spring, however, this is not a set rule and a position could pop up at anytime. So become a frequent visitor of job search and district sites. Some districts, using application systems online, accept applications all the time. These types of systems are a great way to apply for every job that matches your specialty. You can apply for job openings as they come up with just a click of a button once you fill out the online application and upload your transcripts and teaching certificates. These types of online application systems also allow you to make your application searchable so that the school districts can find you. It is best to start your job search as soon as possible in case you hope to be working the fall after you graduate. The interview/hiring process can be lengthy because there are often many interested candidates for every open position. Most school districts will give all qualified individuals an initial interview and then begin the process of elimination which many involve several more call back interviews. Some factors that affect how long the interviewing process may take are: the type of position you are applying for, the date the job is available or the urgency to fill the spot. Science or math the process may not be as drawn out; districts often like to snap up teachers who have degrees in these fields before another district hires them in case you are applying for a job in a "high needs" field like special education. However, the hiring process may involve multiple interviews, which could span over several weeks or months when applying for a job in a more general field like elementary education or physical education.