A teacher housekeeping tasks that often causes a classroom management nightmare for teachers, especially for new educators who do not have a set policy in place or veteran teacher who have created a policy that just is not working is a late work. Students returning from excused or unexcused absences will need to complete make up work furthermore.  it is important therefore, that teachers create late work and make up work policies that they can follow consistently and with a minimum of effort. Anything less will result in confusion and further problems. Your school's current late work policies. Questions to ask. Does  my school have a set policy for teachers concerning late work? For example, there might be a schoolwide policy that teachers are to take off a letter grade for each day late. What is my school's policy concerning time for make up work? Many school districts allow students two days to complete late work for each day they were out. What is my school's policy for making up work when a student has an unexcused absence? Many do not allow students to make up work from unexcused absences.

How to deal with late work and make up work

Will you accept partially completed homework? Students can be considered on time even if they haven't completed their work if so. This needs to be clearly explained to students if not. What type of penalty will you assign to late work? This is an important question because it will impact how you control late work. Many teachers choose to lower a student's grade by one letter for each day that it is late. You will need to come up with a method for recording this to help you remember as you grade later that day in case this is what you choose. Have students write the date they turn in the homework on the top. This saves you time but could also lead to cheating. You write the date the homework was turned in on the top as it is turned in. This will only work if you have a mechanism for students to turn in work directly to you each day. You can mark the day each assignment was turned in on the paper when you grade each day in case you wish to use a homework collection box. How will you assign make up work to students who were absent? Possible ways to assign make up work. Have an assignment book where you write down all classwork and homework along with a folder for copies of any worksheets/handouts. Students are responsible for checking the assignment book when they return and collecting the assignments. This requires you to be organized and to update the assignment book each day. Set aside some time at the beginning or end of each class period to assign the work for the students. Because it requires you to take time away from instruction and the other students, this is really not a good option.