How to describe what they are doing in terms traditional schools can understand is one thing you learn in the course of homeschooling your children. This is, in other words, translating their accomplishments into educationese. It's a talent that can also come in handy when you are thinking about re-entering the job market. It can be hard for any stay-at-home mom to find a job with unemployment still high throughout the U.S. And when you've spent more years at home than parents who send their kids to school ,it can be even tougher. At the same time many parents do work and homeschooling, of course. Chances are that homeschooling has changed the way you do it although even if you do paid work. Although that can be a big part of it, it is not just going from working mother to stay at home mom. Almost every parent finds that once they try homeschooling, their priorities change too. They may shift their focus to helping other families, or expressing their own creativity and talent. Homeschooling helps many parents realize the importance of following your interests, no matter how old you are.

Homeschooling skills to job market

Luckily, homeschoolers tend to be life-long learners. You've probably picked up valuable new skills at the same time you've been teaching your kids without even realizing it. Here are some ways to describe what you do as a homeschooling parent in terms that an employer or client will appreciate. Tutoring is a natural field to go into when you've mastered the art of helping kids learn outside the classroom. Things most homeschooling parents have lots of experience doing are working one-on-one with a child, finding out where their strengths and weaknesses lie, and researching ways to match their learning style. You may be able to offer your services as a reading specialist, helping children who are struggling with the reading instruction methods used in school in case you were successful at teaching your own children to read. You may also be able to find work tutoring other children who are having trouble jumping through those hoops in case your children do well on standardized tests. Professional classroom teachers spend their days assigning and grading written work for the most part. Homeschoolers take a much more holistic approach to education. You can put together creative learning workshops for others in your community in case you have done hands-on projects with your family or homeschool group. All need people who can come up with exciting ways to keep kids busy and productive afterschool programs, youth organizations, and summer camps. Take your experience and turn it into a job that lets you share your homeschooling expertise with school kids. Your years of homeschooling have probably taught you a lot about child development. You may also have learned ways to create a healthy environment for children with attention and sensory issues. These can be a plus if you want to work with young children in a day care or preschool setting.