Homeschooling or home school is the education of children at home typically by parents or tutors rather than in other formal settings of private or public school. Most childhood education occurred within the community or family although prior to the introduction of compulsory school attendance laws. It is a legal option for parents in many countries that allows them to provide their children with a learning environment as an alternative to private or public schools outside the individual’s home. Parents cite numerous reasons as motivations to homeschol their children. The three reasons selected by the majority of homeschooling parents in USA are concern about the school environment to provide moral or religious instruction and dissatisfaction with academic instruction at both private and public schools. Home schools may also be a factor in the choice of parenting style. They can be an option for all the families who live in isolated rural locations, living temporary abroad to allow for more travelling, while many young actors and athletes are taught at home. Each home school can be about mentorship and apprenticeship where a teacher or tutor is with the child for many years and then knows the child very well.


Homeschooling uses a wide variety of materials and methods. For many reasons families choose different educational methods, representing a variety of educational philosophies and paradigms. The reasons can be finances, future educational plans, interest and temperament of the child and much more. Some of the used methods include Radical Unschooling, Waldorf Education, Classical education and more. Both the studies and educational research support the use of some of these methods. Such multiple subjects like math, history, science and art are studied in relation to a single topic like Native Americans, Ancient Rome in a unit study approach. A unit study of Native Americans for example could combine age-appropriate lessons and projects teaching literature, writing, vocabulary and spelling and more. All-in-one homeschooling curricula known as school-at-home and “the traditional approach” are instructionist methods of teaching in which the curriculum and homework of the student are identical or similar to taught in a private or public school. The package may contain all of the needed materials, books, traditional tests and more purchased as a grade level package or separately by subject. The materials cover the same subject areas as public schools allowing an easy transition back into the school system. These are among the more expensive options for home schools but they require minimal preparation and are easy to use. Many of the students choose to pursue higher education at the college or university level, some through dual enrollment while in high schools and standardized tests such as the College Level Examination Program. For homeschooling their children all the parents give many different reasons. Additionally some of them want more opportunities to socialize with a wide range of ages to do more field trips, to visit museums and to travel more. A home school family can do more field trips with only one vehicle and one parent required.