High school yearbooks are a type of book published annually including to record, highlight, and commemorate the past year of a school. Virtually all high schools in both Canada and USA, most colleges and many elementary and middle schools in the same countries publish yearbooks. Middle and elementary schools may have a designated staff member who is in charge of putting together that school’s yearbook, with or without the help of the students. Usually these books are considerably smaller than a college or high school yearbook. Generally high school yearbooks cover a wide variety of topics from student life, academics, sports and other major school events. Each student is pictured with their class and each school organization is usually pictured. A high school yearbook staff consists of students with one or more advisors. They also hold another position for the school. The staff of the yearbook can be chosen in many ways including volunteer-only – its own extracurricular organization, as an academic class or it could be assigned to the entire senior class. All the colleges publishing yearbooks follow a similar format to high schools. Some include detailed recaps of football or basketball games. College yearbooks are considered by the Associated College Press.

High school yearbooks

High school yearbooks are becoming increasingly popular in Europe for a wide variety of groups. They include primary schools right up to further education and businesses. They tend to be run by a committee of students that are led by a member or staff, or for younger groups are co-ordinated by a teacher or parent. In most cases they content a short summary of each member along with their collage pages and articles, photograph, award pages and farewell messages from teachers and friends. In the United Kingdom there are a range of companies that product both A4 and B5 yearbooks. Some of the other creation options include off the shelf software, sending hard copy files for a company to compile or other manual methods. All the high school yearbooks that are published in Australia follow a similar structure to their North American counterparts. Yearbooks in Australia function as an annual magazine for the school body with a significant focus on objectively reporting the events that occurred during the schooling year. They cover many different topics such as sporting, academic, extracurricular, student life and more. Predominantly the staff of the yearbook consists of only one or two school teachers serving as editors in chief. Yearbooks in Australia are primarily published with offsert printing technology with a mix of color, sport color and black and white pages, depending on the budget of each school. Most of the high school yearbooks are generally compiled by a student committee which may or may not be advised by members of the faculty. The committee usually has one or more editors. They are responsible for both compiling and collecting all of the information to be contained within the book, also deciding the layout and allocation of space for each contributor.