You will learn that there are many factors that help college admissions staff learn more about you as you are preparing for college. High school transcripts which show your high school grades, GPA and classes will most likely be the first piece of information a college admissions officer will review. This complete record of your coursework, credits and grades provide concrete evidence of if you are prepared to attend or not a particular college. You must keep this in mind when planning for college as you take classes, study and later get grades – the work you put into it will directly impact your ability to get into colleges. Your high school transcriptions will show admissions counselors how hard you work and what areas you excel. Another thing that transcripts show is which major or type of degree might be best for you. Obviously this is in conjunction with the other elements of your application but you can see how important a transcript is in the application process. The college admissions examine such things as your GPA and the types of classes you took in high school. They also examine the number of pass/fail classes and your behavior record.

High school transcripts

High school transcripts in the United States are a copy of a student’s permanent academic record which usually means all grades received and all courses taken. All honors received and degrees conferred to a student are the other thinks that a student’s permanent academic record means. A transcript may also contain the number of people in the class and the average grade of the class. In most cases an official transcript is prepared and sent by the issuing school by the Student Registrary with an original signature of a school official. The cumulative transcripts get mailed from school to school when students are thinking about changing schools. These transcripts usually consist of grades 9-12 when applying to colleges. They are issued more often and used at the high school and university levels. You can add an extra curriculum resume listing all of your after school activities along with the years in which you participated to supplement your academic transcript. Request a copy of your high school transcripts from your high school counselor or school registar as you prepare your college admissions applications so you can review it for accuracy. Furthermore it is necessary to understand the difference between your cumulative GPA and your GPA for each grading period and keep track of how you are doing. Colleges will look at your individual GPA for each grading period but are more concerned with your cumulative GPA for all semesters of high school. These academic transcripts are used for mobile students at two separate moments. First it must be issued and sent to the host institution by the home institution for all outgoing students before their departure in order to provide information about course units that they already have completed and the results obtained. It must be issued and sent secondly for all incoming students at the end of their period of study.