High school internships are available for high school students in a range of fields – from fashion and finance to sports and computer technologies. They are usually offered in summer and the students should be at least fifteen years of age to become eligible for internship programs. Furthermore they are often an excellent opportunity to motivated high school students to enter a professional work environmental. In most cases these programs are usually in summer; hence the students can spend their summer wisely. Also available are semester long internship programs. They require the students to have early release from school. The programs are either paid or unpaid. Research centers, teach centers and aquarium laboratories offer such kind of programs for high school students. These offered by Aquarium provide young people a chance to learn about marine species and aquarium operations. All the students who complete high school internships can pursue a career in marine science and related fields. Programs that take place in summer usually last for five weeks. Be sure to read more information about these programs before you apply to see tips and samples on creating effective ones.

High school internships

High school internships that are offered by laboratories provide students with an opportunity to perform physics laboratory work. Those who have strong interest in physics, chemistry, math and engineering can apply for this program. Paid programs are available in summer and unpaid are available throughout the year. Unpaid programs offered by the laboratories help the students get academic credit. To work in labs selected interns will be given one week training. Cancer research centers provide a chance to high school students to discover new knowledge in biological sciences, stem cell and bone marrow transplantation and epidemiology by participating in various research activities. These internships that are offered by Tech centers help students in gaining of some basic technical skills. They get an insight into high tech professionals. Furthermore they work on challenging projects that will encourage them to purpose a career in the field of technology. Some of the most famous and popular companies in the world offer high school internships – for example Microsoft and NASA. Microsoft offers such internships that provide interns a chance to work on avant-grade technology. The summer program lasts for ten weeks and is a paid one. The students get a chance to meet with such technologists that are the master minds behind Windows 8, Bing and more. The internships offered by NASA are for 9 to 12 grades students with a minimum of 2.5 academic Great Point of Average – GPA. Students can learn by participating in online discussion boards, chats, blogs and individual and team activities. These internships help students to get an idea of real professional environment. They can even get paid in addition to learning numerous things. Programs also help them to get academic credit through there are unpaid programs. They offer them a chance to apply what they have learned in school and gain hands on knowledge.