Teaching should be driven by a passion to provide help for students no matter what that calls for. Teachers have a natural impact on a young person’s life. It is our duty to make the most of our time with each student allowing us to maximize the impact we have on their life. Helping students is what teaching is all about. This should be the number one reason when a person decides they want to become a teacher. Every student comes with their own unique circumstances and experiences. Each grade level is different. Each school is different. A student in first grade will not have the same needs as a student in ninth grade, but two students in ninth grade will not likely have the same exact needs either. A major part of a teacher’s job is to recognize individual student needs and to cater to those needs when appropriate. There will be students that require a lot more attention than others for various reasons. These are the students that we can often have the most impact on because we have invested so much into them.


Helping students

The backbone of education is to teach our students the fundamental academic skills necessary to succeed in life.  Each teacher along the way provides students with knowledge and concepts intended to build up and this often begins in Prekindergarten. While continuously looking to improve how they teach their curriculum effective teachers must continuously adapt to the strengths of each student and class. Every minute a teacher has with a student must count as their overall time they have with any one student is relatively short when you compare it to that child’s entire educational path. The best teachers have a focused plan for preparing their students, take advantage of opportunities to extend learning and adapt when necessary. Every teacher should have high expectations for their students. The truly outstanding teachers are able to shift the burden of those expectations to the students themselves. Teachers should make goal setting a component of their instruction. Encourage ambitious students to set higher goals and encourage students that lack confidence to set smaller obtainable goals that will build a foundation for success. Character does matter and the lack of having character has a negative effect on a student’s education. Teachers should lead this cause by example adhering to the same character principles that they work to instill in their students. Although most kids want their teachers to be structured with a given set of rules and expectations, there are exceptions. Being structured means that the teacher is organized, seldom gives down time, and generally expects every student to adhere to a given set of expectations. Many young people today have remarkably little structure at home. An unstructured classroom is a chaotic classroom and learning is minimal. Providing students with structure is essential to maximize learning, makes them feel safe, and generally makes a teacher’s job easier.