Hazelwood School district is such a district that covers a large portion of North Saint Louis Country, Missouri including the cities of Hazelwood, Black Jack, Ferguson, Bridgeton, Spanish Lake and more. The district was involved in a landmark Supreme Court case in 1998 which ruled that public school curricular student newspapers that have not been established as forums for student expression are subject to a lower level of First Amendment protection that independent student expression or newspapers established as forums for student expression. Furthermore the district was involved in Hazelwood School District vs United States. This case concerns employment discrimination. The district contains twenty elementary schools, three high schools and six middle schools. The high schools are central, east and west. The central was completed in 1954. The building is still in use as a school As farmland became subdivisions in 1960s, more students enrolled in the district and a new high school was needed. The second high school was established in 1966 to deal with the rapid growth of the district during that time. During the 2006 – 2007 school year the district announced that it was redrawing the boundaries of the three high schools, effective fall 2008.

Hazelwood school district

East high school of the Hazelwood School district was established in 1974 with the class one year later involved in split sessions with Hazelwood Central. The district had set the boundaries for East Hazelwood bit the students attended Central during construction with the building opening for students the following year. The school integrated an “open-space” classroom concept. Many of the classrooms did not have four walls separating them from other classes because of this. The building of the school underwent a number of renovations in the fall of 2003, including twenty additional classrooms, additional lockers and windows, a math and science wing and fully enclosed classrooms. The landmark Supreme Court case Hazelwood vs Kuhlmeier originated at Hazelwood East in 1988 and involved journalism students who were members of the Spectrum staff. The case was ultimately decided in a 5-3 decision in favor of the Hazelwood School District with the Court ruling that the censorship of administrator of newspaper content didn’t violate the First Amendment Rights of the students. West high school began in 1976 with the first graduating class one year later. Students attended classes on split shift in afternoons due to overcrowding of Hazelwood Senior High School. The building that would become West high school opened in 1969 as junior high school. A greatly expanded building opened in 1976 as a six-year faculty, the present high school housing students from grade 9 to grade 12. All district junior high schools were renamed middle schools in 2002. Two new building additions were added three years later, a band room near the main entrance and a three-story classroom wing in the rear of the former middle school section. In all three high schools notable alumni graduated. Some of the West are Trevor Gaylor, Morgan Burkhart, Matt Winner and others.