Harvard Business School is the graduate business school of Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The school offers a large full-time MBA program and many executive education programs. It is the owner of Harvard Business School Publishing which publishes leadership articles, online management tools for corporate learning, business books and more. The school was originally conceived as a school for diplomacy and government service on the model of the French Ecole des Sciences Politiques. An institution of higher learning that would offer a Master of Arts degree in the humanities field with a major in business was the main goal. Under the humanities faculty the school started in 1908, two years later received independent status and in 1913 became a separate administrative unit. Edwin Francis Gay who was a historian became the first dean. He had no business background or indeed any previous connection to the world of business. The school enjoyed a close relationship with the corporate world from its start. A lot of business leaders were its alumni and were hiring other alumni for starting positions in their firms within a few years of its funding. Harvard Business School has an excellent reputation in our days.

Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School is consistently ranked among the foremost business schools in the world. Students can join one or even more than eighty clubs on campus. The clubs invite speakers to campus, organize trips and social events and furthermore help forming bonds between students of similar interests. The main interface between the MBA student body and the administration/faculty is the Student Association simply known as SA. It is led by a four-person Executive Committee. The decision power rests with the Senate, composing of the senator from each section, the Executive Committees and various committees made up section officers. A major part of the student life especially in the first year, are intramurals. Sections both form teams and complete with each other in such sports as volleyball, basketball, soccer and many other inter-mural sports. Often the rigorous schedule of class work is tempered by high energy social functions and such perennial events as the Spring Newport Ball held at a Newport, the winter Hollidazzle Ball usually held in Boston, Massachusetts and the cross-dressing Pricilla Ball. The faculty of Harvard Business School is divided into ten groups some of which are Accounting and Management, Business, Organizational Behavior, Technology and Operations Management and others. The school has outlined several initiatives for developing MBAs, including healthcare, globalization, social enterprise and environmental sustainability. The Sir Dorabdji Tata Trust and the Tata Education and Development Trust which are philanthropic arms of the Tata Group gave the school its biggest ever international donation of fifty million dollars in the fall of 2010. This school is one of the best educational institutions specialized in teaching of business and preparing students for their careers. As the field of business is certainly one of the most preferred area for working, each year the school accepts a large number of students who want to enroll in it.