There's a lot children worry about when they're getting ready to begin middle school, and gym class is usually at the top of the list. Gym or physical education (P.E.) can be very different in middle school than it is in elementary school, and gym class is often the most feared part of the day for middle schoolers, because tweens are so self-conscious. If your child is dreading gym, there's plenty you can do to help. Middle schoolers worry a lot about embarrassing themselves, and there's no easier class to do that than in gym class. That's one reason why so many middle schoolers hate gym. Be sure your child knows that most of the kids in class are worried about being embarrassed, too, and that his attitude can determine whether he has a good day in gym or a bad day. Encourage him to face class with a positive attitude, and a good sense of humor if things don't go well. But at least your child won't be the only one wearing the dreaded gym outfit. Reinforce that all the students are in it together, and that, at least, they don't have to wear the gym uniform all day. Also, be sure your child brings his uniform home once a week to launder.

Gym class

You might even consider purchasing two gym uniforms, so that your tween always has one ready to go. Middle schoolers are in the midst of puberty, and that means hygiene is ever important. Some schools may require students to shower after gym class, and that can be embarrassing to a tween. The good news is most of the students are also worried and self-conscious about showering or changing in the locker room, that nobody is really paying any attention to your tween. A short chat on the subject may calm his fears.In addition, make sure your child has everything he'll need in his locker, such as deodorant, soap and possibly a towel. Your child may store all of her gym belongings in a gym locker. Help her get used to using a combination lock by providing one at home so she can practice. Once she has it down, she'll be a little more confident in the locker room. Athletes in particular will want to show off in front of the class. That can make the rest of the class worry about how they're performing in front of their peers. Remind your child that there will be students in gym class that are very athletic and that even if he's not, he can learn a lot and should always do his best. Unfortunately, bullies tend to show up in just about every middle school gym class. You can prepare your child by helping her know some stock tactics on how to deal with a bully, or when to know if it's time to get an adult involved.