Students often skip psychology classes for a variety of reasons. They sometimes think they can just skip class and make up for it by reading the textbook, so courses in psychology are often taught lecture-style to large groups of people. Some students do manage to pass a class with this strategy. However, it is certainly not the best way to get the most out of your educational experience. Tempted to skip your next psychology class lecture? Here are ten great reasons why you should try to attend every class session. Class discussions provide another important dimension to psychology lectures. Students are able to ask questions and share ideas, while instructors are able to answer common questions and provide valuable examples to illustrate different psychological concepts. There will be gaps in your understanding of the topic in case you are not present for these discussions. Attending your psychology classes also gives you the chance to participate in these discussions. A great way to learn more effectively and to retain more information is taking an active role in discussions. Many students find that and think it can be very helpful and useful to them for a long period of time.

Great reasons to attend psychology classes

Test questions are actually far more likely to come directly from your instructor's lecture materials while textbooks are a valuable part of learning. You're going to have a much more difficult time passing class tests in case you are not n class to hear these lectures and take notes. Also, lectures are a great way to gain supplementary knowledge that makes what you learn about different psychological topics much more memorable. Having a solid understanding of the human mind and behavior can serve you well in your future profession even in case you are not majoring in psychology. Focus on actually learning the information and making it a part of your underlying knowledge base, not simply remembering things long enough to pass your exams. Getting to know your college peers can be very beneficial even in case you're enrolled in a lecture-style class with hundreds of other students. It is always a good idea to know a few people in class who can answer questions or fill you in on what you missed if you do happen to miss a lecture, so finding a study partner or study group can be very helpful. If you barely attended his or her class, do not expect your psychology professor to write a recommendation for you later. Regular class attendance gives your professor the opportunity to get to know you better. Your professor will feel that he or she is familiar with your work and temperament well enough to provide one when you later ask for a recommendation. Instructors often utilize class lectures and discussions to make important connections between different concepts, relate theoretical information to real-world situations and challenge students to think critically about what they learned. Your abilities to critically analyze and evaluate information may suffer as a result in case you are not present for these important discussions.