In our daily lives graphic design surrounds us. It is the arrangement of visual elements to tell a story, convey information or even provoke an emotion. You can see it virtually everywhere including in billboards, book covers, magazines, product packing and on the Internet. Graphic designers try to combine function and form in their work. When designers arrange elements on a screen or page for example they take into account how a human eye naturally scans the page. After earning a degree from some graphic designer school you can work in such industries as marketing and advertising, Internet technology, software development and more. Graphic designers can also be found in both the television and movie industries. The field of graphic design offers good wages and a comfortable working environment in addition to a wide variety of job opportunities. Although designers will work long hours to meet a deadline, most of them have regular working hours. You should plan on getting a bachelor’s degree in order to be competitive on the job market in case you want to study in some of the numerous graphic design schools. Some degree programs are offered in both universities and colleges while others are offered at art schools.

Graphic design schools

All the graphic designers arrange images, colors and words to communicate with an audience. The main goal often is to motivate potential customers to purchase a product. Other goals may be to inform or to attract attention. Most of the graphic designers work in print media such as posters but a growing number work with websites, multimedia projects and interactive media. They can create some of the visual elements that they work with, but they may also obtain illustrations, paintings and drawings from artists. A lot of professionals spend most of their time preparing designs and meeting with clients. Others mainly coordinate a team of designers and provide overall direction for projects. Many of them work for themselves either as freelancers or as owners of a design business. With a certificate from a graphic design school you can become a production or multimedia artist in a design firm as little as one year. To quality for most jobs in graphic design and to be competitive on the job market, however, a bachelor’s degree is recommended. You can complete such a degree in graphic design in 4 years. You can expect to grow in both knowledge and skills while studying graphic design. You will be adding to your online or print portfolio throughout your education in graphic design. This will show the best work that you have produced during your program. Undergraduate certificates provide the knowledge and skills for students to obtain jobs providing support to graphic designers. This option doesn’t require students to hold bachelor’s degrees. Certificates in this field can be completed in one to three years and require thirty to sixty credit hours. Most of the programs are designed for students working in full-time jobs, so the courses are taught usually on weekends and evenings.