Grade contracts are a method that some teachers use to help get their students to have more ownership over their grades. These contracts can take a variety of forms. The most common type of grade contracts have the students at the beginning of a semester or large project declare what grade they are striving to attain. The teacher will have them sign an actual "contract" which does not have any weight per se but instead is a symbolic act in most of the cases. The effect will most likely be minimal in case a teacher pulls the contracts out at the beginning of the year, doesn't give students the details of the type of effort a specific grade would entail, and then never refers to them again. , A teacher should provide students with as much information as possible about what would be required of them for each grade to make grade contracts more effective. Many teachers who use grade contracts have found that they work best when they are used for individual assignments. For example you could give your students a list of what would be required to earn an A,B, or C in case you were assigning a research project.

Grade contracts

Obviously you would not allow a student to strive for a D or an F as both of these are below average and failing. However, you could still show the students what would result in either of these grades. They can then decide, or "contract," to earn a specific grade after they have had some time to look over the grade requirements. Therefore, allowing students to choose to earn a B or C would be letting them give less effort than they might otherwise have given.  Some teachers feel that by putting the control in each student's hands, they are receiving better work than they otherwise would on the flip side. You should consider the makeup of your class and realize that for some students this might in fact give them permission to do less as a teacher. Other students who feel disempowered by grading and assessments might gain the incentive and control they need through grade contracts and make a better grade at the same time. Grade contracts will not be for all teachers in all situations in the end. However, they can be an effective tool and should be considered when you feel they would be help the most students achieve. Grading systems are chosen and used by schools and teachers for a variety of reasons. They provide feedback to students and parents. They provide a record keeping system to help evaluate student learning and school personnel. This also is important for students who leave school and enter either the workforce or further education. A-F system is the most well known system as the majority of high schools use this method for delivering grades. In this system, percentage scores are equated to grades A through F with A being the highest.