Many students do, in fact, deal with major life situations and events even though college students are often mocked for not living in the "real world. Unexpected family illnesses, financial situations, deaths, and other events can happen during your time in college. Unfortunately, your academics might end up paying the price simply because you can't manage everything all at the same time. And it is unrealistic to expect yourself to manage everything anyway when faced with a major family emergency. Take a deep breath and spend 20-30 minutes doing the following in case you find yourself faced with a family emergency in college. This small allotment of effort can do wonders for keeping your academics and college situation in check while it might seem like you don't have the time now. You don't have to go into too much detail, but you do need to let them know what's going on. Be as honest as you can without being dramatic. Let them know 1) what has happened; 2) what it means for things like your class attendance, assignments, etc.; 3) what your next steps are, whether it's an emergency trip home for the weekend or a longer absence; 4) how they can contact you.


Family emergency in school

Your adviser should reach out in response and offer you some resources that can help with your situation in addition to this. Step Two: Notify the people you live with what's going on. Again, you don't need to share more than you need to.   But your roommates might wonder what's going on if you leave without telling them for a few days; similarly, your RA might start to be concerned if he or she sees you missing class and/or coming and going at odd hours.  It's better to let people know that, for example, you're heading home to visit a sick relative than to cause undue worry or concern over your unexplained absence even in case you just leave a note or send an email. Step Three: Spend a minute thinking about your financial situation. Does this family emergency have financial consequences for you? Do you need to find funds right away - - for a flight home, for example? Does this emergency have a larger impact on your financial aid? It might seem awkward, but being aware of how your changed situation might affect your financial status is important. You can send a quick email to the financial aid office or even pop in for an emergency appointment.  You might be pleasantly surprised at the resources they have available for students in your situation and the staff there knows that life happens while you're in school. Emergencies cause turmoil, unrest, and all kinds of mixed (and often unwanted) emotions by their nature. Visits to your campus counseling center are included in your tuition and fees at many (if not most!) institutions. A visit to the counseling center might be a smart idea even in case you aren't sure what you're feeling or how to feel about the situation.