For a principal it simply means turning the page and starting over again although the end of the school year is an exciting time for students and teachers looking forward to some time off. A principal’s job is never over and a good principal will use the end of the school year to search for and make improvements for the upcoming school year. The following are suggestions for principals to do at the end of the school year. At some point a principal will sit down and do a comprehensive reflection on the entire school year as a whole. They will look for things that worked really well, things that did not work at all, and things they can improve on. A good administrator will search for areas of improvement constantly. A good administrator will start implementing changes to make those improvements for the upcoming school year as soon as the school year ends. I highly recommend that a principal keep a notebook with them so that they can jot down ideas and suggestions for review at the end of the year. This will assist you in the reflecting process and can give you fresher perspective on what has transpired throughout the school year.

End of the school year for principals

Reviewing policy and procedures can be a part of your overall reflection process, but a focus needs to be given specifically to your student handbook and the policies in it. oo many times a school’s handbook is out-dated. The handbook should be a living document and one that changes and improves on a continual basis. It seems that every year there are new issues that you have never had to address before. New policies are needed to take care of these new issues. I strongly encourage you to take the time to read through your student handbook every year and then take recommended changes to your superintendent and school board. Having the right policy in place can save you a lot of trouble down the road. One of the most important jobs of a school administrator is the teacher evaluation process. Having excellent teachers in every classroom is essential to maximize student potential. I always feel it is important to sit down with them before they go home for the summer to give them feedback and to get feedback from them as well, although I have already formally evaluated my teachers and given them feedback by the end of the school year. I always use this time to challenge my teachers in areas they need improvement. I want to stretch them and I never want a complacent teacher.  I also use this time to gain feedback from my faculty/staff on my performance and the school as a whole. I want them to be honest in their evaluation of how I have done my job and on how well the school is being ran. It is equally important to praise each teacher and staff member for their hard work.