Several students are now complaining about being disrupted by their talking. One of these students has had this issue on several other occasions while the other hasn’t been in trouble for anything. The first thing is to separate the two students. Isolate the student, who has had similar issues, from the other students by moving her next to your desk. Give both of them several days of detention. Contact both parents explaining the situation. In the end you have to create a plan and share it with the girls and their parents detailing how this issue will be dealt with if it continues in the future. Cheating is something that is nearly impossible to stop especially for work that is done outside of class. You should use them to set an example that you hope will deter other students from engaging in the same practice, however, when you do catch students cheating. Students should be taught that cheating will not help them even if they get away with it. A high school Biology I teacher is giving a test and catches two students using answers they had written on their hands.

Effective decisions for classroom

The teacher should take their tests up immediately and give them both zeros. The teacher could also give them several days of detention or be creative by giving them an assignment such as writing a paper explaining why students shouldn’t cheat. The teacher should also conduct parents of the students explaining the situation to them. It becomes annoying and ultimately takes up valuable class time when students fail to bring materials to class such as pencils, paper, and books. Most students who continuously forget to bring their materials to class have an organization problem. An 8th grade boy routinely comes to math class without his book or some other required material. This typically happens 2-3 times per week. The teacher has given the student detention on multiple occasions, but it has not been effective in correcting the behavior. This student likely has a problem with organization. The teacher should set up a parent meeting and include the student. During the meeting create a plan to help the student with organization at school. In the plan include strategies such as daily locker checks and assigning a responsible student to assist the student in getting the needed materials to each class. Give the student and parent suggestions and strategies to work on organization at home. This is an issue that can swell from something minor to something major very quickly. This isn’t a problem that should ever be ignored. Concepts are taught sequentially, so even missing one assignment, could lead to gaps down the road. No student should be allowed to take a zero. Even if only partial credit is given, it is essential that the student be required to complete the assignment. This will keep the student from missing a key concept. The student could be required to stay after school for extra tutoring to make up the assignments.