A major facet of a school principal’s job is to make discipline decisions. A principal should not be dealing with every discipline issue in the school, but should instead be focused on dealing with the bigger problems. Most teachers should deal with smaller issues on their own. The bigger issues almost always take some investigation and research. Sometimes students are cooperative and sometimes they are not. There will be those that take several hours to handle and there will be issues that are straight forward and easy. You are always vigilant and thorough when collecting evidence – it is essential. It is also crucial to understand that each discipline decision is unique and that many factors come into play. It is important that you take into account factors such as the grade level of the student, severity of the issue, history of the student, and how you have handled similar situations in the past. The following is a sample blueprint of how these issues could be handled. It is only intended to serve as a guide and to provoke thought and discussion. The scenarios given are post investigation giving you what was proved to have actually happened.

Discipline decisions for principals

Probably the most dealt with discipline issue at a school is bullying. t is also one of the most looked at school problems in the national media due to the increase in teen suicides that have been traced back to bullying problems. Bullying can have a lifelong effect on victims. There are four basic types of bullying including physical, verbal, social, and cyber bullying. his will likely be an issue that a teacher has tried to handle by themselves, but haven’t had success with what they’ve tried. The student hasn’t fixed their behavior and in some cases has gotten worse. The teacher is essentially asking the principal to step in and mediate the issue.  An 8th grade student argues about everything with a teacher. The teacher has talked to the student, given the student detention, and contacted the parents for being disrespectful. Many students across all grade levels do not complete work or do not turn it in at all. Students who continuously get away with this may have large academic gaps that after time almost becomes impossible to close. It is likely that it has become a serious issue by the time a teacher asks for help on this from the principal. This is one of the issues which schools have zero tolerance for. This is also one of the areas where the police will have to be involved in and will likely take lead in the investigation. A student initially reported that a 9th grade student is offering to sell other students some “weed”. The student reported that the student is showing other students the drug and is keeping it in a bag inside their sock. The student is searched, and the drug is found. The student informs you that they stole the drugs from their parents and then sold some to another student that morning.