What usually come to mind are multi-millionaire professional sports figures when you think of athletes. They make their livings on competing against others at the top of their respective sports. Certainly these men and women are physical specimens with off-the-charts talent. But you will see few people more physically fit than dancers in your daily life. Dance is the most physically demanding of the fine arts, and for those who have no interest in sports, it gives them a fun way to exercise. Dance teachers in public schools spark a love of dance in students that not only gives them happiness in the short-term but puts them on a trajectory of lifelong physical fitness. The best thing a dance teacher can have is experience while all teachers need a bachelor’s degree and a state teaching license. This experience should include both performing and teaching dance. The performing experience does not have to be glamourous. There’s no need to have been in a Broadway production, in a ballet company or on tour with Beyoncé. Performing experience gives teachers insight into the preparation necessary to put choreography on stage. Being under the direction of various teachers helps future teachers learn what to do and what not to do in the classroom.

Dance teacher

Dance teachers often teach in private dance studios before teaching in public schools. Private teachers with degrees may seek out public school employment so these jobs do not offer the pay and benefits that public school jobs do. Public school dance teachers instruct classes in artistic movement. These classes can be taught from kindergarten through high school and beyond. Many community colleges and universities offer dance classes for dance majors and as electives.  The choreography taught becomes more complicated, and teachers convey deeper artistic concepts to students as student age. Older students are also taught the history of dance to give them a broader contextual understanding and appreciation of dance as an art form. Dance allows students to be part of something bigger than themselves. It teaches cooperation, dedication, commitment and personal responsibility. Dancers know they must work together to make a routine come together. They must practice long hours and commit themselves to making the routine as good as it can possibly be. They also know that the whole group suffers the consequences in case they do not pull their weight in practice and in performances.  Dance is a way for non-musicians to connect with music for those who can’t sing or play an instrument. Movement in time requires very similar skills to those required to play an instrument. Dance teachers must help students develop a healthy body image because dancing is such an athletic activity and is more popular with women than men. Many of the young women drawn to dance are naturally small and slender.  Women of all body types can find their place in the dance community while this may be the ideal body type for a professional ballet dancer.