Copenhagen Business School is situated in Denmark. It was established in 1917 by Danish Society for the Advancement of Business Education and Research. However, it was not until 1920 that accounting became the first full study program in the school. In our days it has more than 19 000 students and 13 000 employees and offers a wide range of both graduate and undergraduate programs within business all with an interdisciplinary and international focus. The campus of the school is located in the district of Frederiksberg and centers on CBS’ main campus Solbjerg Plads. The school has a board of Directors appoints the President of CBS who is currently Per Holten-Andersen since the Danish Universities Act of 2003. The Danish Society for an Advancement of Business Education which in our days is known as FUHU established Copenhagen Business School in 1917. It is a private educational institution. The school of business became integrated as an institution of higher education in the Danish Education system in 1965. In our days it is regulated by the Danish Universities Act of 2003. The school offers a wide range of university degrees in such fields as economics business and modern languages for international business communication in Denmark.

Copenhagen Business School

The CBS Students is the official student union of Copenhagen Business School. It controls the vast majority of all student held positions in decision making bodies of CBS through which they attempt to influence the academic policies at CBS. Once every year these requirements are elected. The CBS students furthermore also serve as a platform for co-operation between many of the other student-run organizations at CBS by providing both training and funding to some of these. Another organization at CBS is CBS Wine. It hosts wine tastings and functions as a place to enjoy and discuss quality wines. The organization is non-profit and student-run. CBS Wine regularly participates in international wine tasting competitions aimed at university students. Finishing third in the Left Bank Bordeaux Cup 2012 can be mentioned among its best performances. Copenhagen Business School is an urban university that was primarily located in 4 modern buildings in Frederiksberg close to the heart of Copenhagen. Solbdjerg Plads is the main complex and was opened in 2000. It consists of interconnected concrete, glass and tile-sided buildings of varying heights that house student auditoriums, a cafeteria, faculty office space, the main library, the campus bookstore and more. The oldest building currently in use is Dalgas Have. It was opened in 1989 and designed by Henning Larsen Architects. It includes student classrooms, offices for research and administration and study space. Multimedia and interpretation labs, breakout rooms for groups and project work are some of the student facilities. Computers are replaced with new models at least every third year. Readily available are plugs for portable laptops and wireless connections are installed in the main buildings. The school offers a range of university degrees. The selection of full-time programs complies with the three levels 3-year Bachelor, 2-year Master, 1-year MBA and 3-year PHD.