Christian schools are run on both Christian principles and Christian organizations. The nature of these schools varies enormously from country to country according to the cultures – educational, political and religious. There is a strict separation of church and state in some countries and in these cases schools are all private. Also there is an established church whose teachings form an integral part of the state – operated educational system in other countries. The state subsidizes religious schools of various denominations in yet others. Religion is generally not taught by state – funded educational systems in USA although schools must allow students who wait to study religion to do so as an extracurricular activity as they would with any other such activity. In both educational and religious philosophies of these schools there is a great variety as might be expected from the large number of religious denominations in the United States. Roman Catholic Church operates the largest system of Christian education in USA. There were 6841 secondary and elementary schools as of 2011. The number of the enrolled students in them is about 2.2 million students. Both dioceses and parishes administer most of them. Christian schools are preferred by many young people every year.


Christian schools

A lot of Conservative Protestants reserve the term Christian school for such schools that are affiliated with conservative Protestant denominations excluding Catholic schools in particular. These Christian schools are privately run often in conjunction with a church or a denomination. In case the parents want their children taught according to the principles of their church they can choose to send the children in such schools but unless the school is subsidized by their church or is part of an education voucher program founded by the government or school choice they must pay tuition. Sponsored by fundamental groups Christian schools don’t accept government funding and subsidies. The main reason for this is because they can put their school operations under more government legislation and scrutiny which can lead to the government dictating their school’s operation. The Protestant Christian school system that is the largest one in the world is the Seventh – day Adventist Educational System. It has a total of 6709 educational institutions that operate in over 100 countries around the world with over 1.2 million students worldwide. Another large association of Protestant Christian schools is the Association of Christian Schools International. It is also known as ACSI and serves 5300 member schools in approximately 100 countries with an enrollment of almost 1.2 million students. Historically these schools in Canada were run by both private Protestant and Catholic organizations. The majority faith became represented by the public school and the minority faith became represented by a separate school as public education developed. Most of the provinces originally had separate school boards in each school district for Catholic and non – Catholic students. Many of them have abolished this but for example Alberta and Ontario retain the system. Public school boards in Canada normally have no religious affiliation in modern times but many still accommodate religious instruction for Christians within their country.