How do you know if the school where you are teaching is the right one for you? How can you tell before you even take a job there? What are some of the key characteristics of effective schools? Here are some ways to know if your school is effective. Attitude of the office start is the first tip. This might seem an odd first choice. The first thing, however, is the office staff when you enter a school. Their actions set the tone for the rest of the school. The school leadership values customer service in case the front office is inviting for teachers, parents, and students. However, you must question whether the school as a whole including its Principal has the correct attitude towards customer service and teamwork in case the office staff is unhappy and rude. Be wary of schools where the staff is just not approachable. You as a teacher will probably find that they will not provide you with the support you need throughout the year in case he staff has a pervasive unhelpful attitude. Attitude the principal is the second tip. You will probably have the ability to meet with the Principal of your school before you actually begin working there just as with the office staff.

Characteristics of a quality schools

His or her attitude is extremely important for you and the school as a whole. An effective principal school should be open, encouraging, and innovative. They should be student-centered in their decisions. They should also empower teachers while providing with the necessary support and training to grow each year. Principals who are not open to innovation, who are never present or who have horrible customer service will be difficult to work for and will probably result in many disgruntled employees. New teachers come into a school fired up to teach and innovate. Many of them truly believe that they can make a difference. They often have a lot to learn about classroom management and the inner workings of the school system at the same time. veteran teachers provide years of experience and understanding of how to effectively manage their classrooms and get things done in the school on the other hand. They are also sometimes stuck in their way of teaching a subject and might be wary of innovation at the same time. A Principal must create a system of core values which the entire staff shares to be truly effective. The Principal must involve the teachers and staff each step of the way to do this. A common theme to each of the core values must be a student-centered view of education. The first thought should always be "What's best for the students?" when a decision is made in the school. When everyone shares this belief infighting will lessen and the school can focus on the business of teaching.  They should first meet and together decide what is best for the students in case a a conflict occurs between staff members.