It's clear that a school isn't working for your child sometimes. You may have chosen the school when he or she was younger, and now, it isn't a good fit. Your child may be struggling academically or find it difficult to make friends. How do you know if it's time to make the difficult decision to change schools? It's a sign that the school may not be right for when your child is continually struggling in every or most subjects. You can have her evaluated and possibly receive accommodations at your school in case you suspect that she may have learning difficulties. You can also look into hiring a tutor finances permitting. However it's a sign that her school may not be the best place for her to learn in case your child continues to struggle with these supports in place.  Particularly if the students have changed since she was first admitted to the school, your child may find herself isolated or unable to relate to the children at school. In case she still finds herself failing to connect, this is another sign that she may feel more comfortable at another school although she may want to join a club or an extracurricular activity to try to connect to other kids.

Changing from one private school to another

She may need a smaller school, or one at which the students are more like her in important ways. Your child may have fallen in love with hockey or music or the arts. She may need a place to cultivate this interest. Your child may also need to change schools in case here has been a change in your family situation because of finances or relocation. Some children change schools to attend a school with their sibling or sometimes, to strike out on their own in addition to this. Some students change schools to enjoy the independence of boarding school. Many students resist changing schools because they think it's a sign of failure. Instead, assure her that changing schools will allow her to find a more suitable place that's right for her and that she can keep in touch with the friends she has at her current school. Let her know that she will have a role in choosing her new school in case she is a tween or teen. She will be an important observer on interviews, and she will be part of the process of judging which new school will be right for her. She will most likely have to take an admission test as the ISEE, SSAT, or COOPs for Catholic school in case you are switching schools when your child is in the fourth grade or older. You will need to fill out applications and plan at least a year ahead. You will have to finish most applications by January in the academic year before you plan on attending the school in other words. In case your child currently attending a private school, you will also have to go on interviews as you most likely did to choose your first school.