Catholic schools are maintained parochial schools or education ministries of the Catholic Church. As of 2011 the church operates the world’s largest non – governmental school system. Irish imagination provides the main contribution to increase in Catholic community across the globe. Namely the Irish imagination established the revival of Catholicism through movement to countries across United Kingdom, Europe and Australia. Historically the establishment of this kind of schools in Europe encountered various struggles followed by the creation of the Church of England in the Elizabethan Religious settlements of 1558 – 63. These schools are distinct from their public schools counterparts in focusing of the development of individuals as practitioners of the Catholic faith. All teachers, leaders and students are required to focus on four fundamental rules initiated by the school and Church. This includes education in regards to life and faith, celebration of life and faith, action and school justice and finally the Catholic identity of the school. As a core subject the religious education is a vital element of the curriculum where individuals are to develop themselves. In catholic schools a Religious Education Program is taught. It is provided by the Bishop and both Bishop and teacher contribute to be planning and teaching religious lessons.

Catholic schools

Catholic schools in United States of America are all accredited by state or independent agencies and furthermore teachers are generally certified. These schools are also supported through both tuition payments and fund raising. The Catholics in largest cities started building their own parochial school system by the middle of 19th century. The main impetus was fear that exposure to Protestant teachers in the public schools and Protestant fellow students would lead to a loss of faith. The reaction of the Protestants was strong opposition to any public funding of parochial schools. The Catholics nevertheless built their elementary schools parish by parish and used very low paying sisters as teachers. Most of the elementary schools are operated by a local parish community while secondary schools in most cases are operated by a diocese or archdiocese and often those in major cities are also attached to a Catholic University. The number of the catholic schools in the USA in 2006 – 07 was 7498 and in this number are included 6288 elementary schools and 1210 secondary schools. The number of the students in total is 2 320 561 and includes1 682 412 students in the elementary/middle schools and 638 239 students in high schools. Enrollment in the nation’s catholic schools is steadily dropped to less than half of its peak at 5 million students forty years ago. This statistic is from New York Times in early 2009. As its peak of 1965, the number of the parochial schools in USA was more than 12 000 and toughly half of all Catholic children in America attended Catholic elementary schools according to the National Catholic Educational Association. Among Latinos who is the fastest – growing church group soon to comprise a majority of Catholics in the United States, it is three percent.