Boarding schools are such schools where some or all people study and live during the school year with their fellow students and possibly teachers or administrators. The word “boarding” has meaning of “bed and board” in this case. Some of the schools also have day students attending the institution by day and return off-campus to their families in the evenings. In the Commonwealth of Nations many of the schools are boarding. Their pupils normally return home during the school holidays and in weekends but may spend the majority of their childhood and adolescent life away from their families in some cultures. These schools comprise various grades in USA most commonly grades 7 or 9 through grade 12 – the high school years. Similar schools were introduced in the former Soviet Union. Sometimes these are known as Internat-schools. They varied in their organization. Some of the schools were a type of specialized school with a specific focus in particular fields such as physics, language, science, sports and more. Other boarding schools were associated with orphanages after which all children enrolled in Internat-school automatically. Separate schools were established for children with special needs – for example schools for deaf and blind.


Boarding schools



                Often the term boarding school refers to classic boarding schools in Britain and many of them around the world are modeled on these. A typical modern free-charging boarding school has several separate residential houses either within the school grants or in the surrounding area. Pupils may be allowed to travel off-campus at certain times – they generally need permission to go outside defined school bounds. These schools generally offer one or more options depending on both context and country. Full, weekly or flexible options may be chosen by the students. Almost all schools from this type are independent in the United Kingdom. They are not subject to the national curriculum or other educational regulations applicable to state schools. Nevertheless there are some regulations, primarily for safety purposes and health as well as the general law. Usually each boarding school manifests itself in different ways in different societies. In some societies for example children start such school at an earlier age than in others. A tradition has developed in which families send their children to the same boarding school for generations in some societies. In USA these schools for students below the age of thirteen are called junior boarding schools and are not as common and not as encouraged as in UK, India and Pakistan. The Fay School in Southborough, Massachusetts is the oldest boarding school in the United States. Others of them are intended to highs school age students, generally of ages 14-18. About half of one percent of school children attend such schools In the USA. This is much lower in comparison with Britain or commonwealth countries. About 1 % of children are sent to boarding schools in Britain. The schools for this age group are often referred to as prep schools.