With some texts costing hundreds of dollars each, buying textbooks for your psychology courses can be very expensive.  There are a few questions you can ask yourself at the start of each semester to help control your textbook budget while you certainly cannot eliminate this expense. Keeping all of your course textbooks can be a great idea if you are majoring in psychology, especially in case you plan to attend graduate school in psychology.  You may frequently find yourself referring back to texts from previous courses as you advance in your academic pursuit of psychology. You will have a handy library to study in preparation for the exam when it is time to take the GRE psychology subject test.  Look for a new copy of the text or a used copy that is in great condition in case you do plan to keep your book at the end of the course. A great way to save money each semester is purchasing used copies of your psychology textbooks. It is important to carefully inspect your copy to ensure that it is in reasonably good condition but used books are generally much more affordable than new books.

Before you buy a psychology texbook

A textbook that has pages missing or is filled with highlighting and notes can make studying very difficult. Fortunately, many used copies are still in 'like new' condition, which makes this a great option for cost conscious psychology students. It does not necessarily mean that the professor will actually use the book as part of course lectures, discussions or exams while a book may be listed on the required reading list. Wait until the first day of class when you  can look at the class syllabus to see if the schedule includes assigned readings from the book in case you are not sure if the textbook will actually be "required. Consider asking other students who have already taken the class about whether they actually used the book in the class. There are other ways that you can acquire the text in case he required psychology textbook is simply out of your budget. Consider borrowing the book from another student who has already finished the course. Although you will need to be careful to work out a schedule that allows both of you plenty of time to read and study, it might also be possible to share the textbook with another student in the class. If all else fails, talk to your instructor. A lot of college faculty members might even be willing to loan you a copy for the duration of the class, so they have access to multiple copies of the book. Many of the psychology courses include both required reading as well as supplementary reading. These supplementary texts are intended to deepen your knowledge of the subject matter, but they are not necessary to actually pass the course. Buying the additional books can be a great way to learn more about the topic in case you can afford it.