We go to the movies, watch our televisions and sometimes see live theater. So where do the people who make these pieces of entertainment get their start?  They started seriously honing their skills in high school drama classes under the instruction of theater arts teachers for the performers you see and many of the ones you do not see. The hiring decision usually lies with the school principal who will supervise the new hire but central office staff may screen applications. Teachers need a bachelor’s degree and a state license to teach in public schools. Theater arts teachers often have bachelor of fine arts or education degrees. They can obtain licensure during college or afterward by seeking alternative certification.  In addition to certification for particular subjects they intend to instruct, states require teachers have a generic teaching license. Although experienced teachers have a leg up in the hiring process, many theater arts teacher jobs do not require experience. Fine arts magnet schools can set their standards higher because their jobs are more desirable than similar teaching jobs at other public schools. Theater arts teachers instruct high school courses in the dramatic arts. Students usually choose to take theater arts classes because they want to act, but they learn so much more.

Art theater teacher

Although not everyone can be on stage at the same time, sure they learn to deliver lines, move around the stage and work with other actors. Students learn to perform all kinds of tasks related to putting on stage and screen productions. They must first learn the history of theater and technical skills implemented in modern productions before even begin working on a stage production.  They are ready to try their hands at various roles in front of the audience and ones the audience never directly sees once they have gained a foundational knowledge of theater arts. Theater arts teachers produce stage productions with student casts and crew. These productions are sometimes taken to competitions and often performed for the community at large. The theater arts teacher is responsible for all aspects of the show from casting students into their dramatic roles down to arranging for transportation to out-of-town contests. You know that there are more people who work behind the scenes than in them in case you have ever sat through the ending credits of a movie. . Some students who sign up for theater arts classes want to be the star of the show, but many of them find fulfillment in minor roles or in technical duties like lighting, sound and special effects. Even those students who only want to serve in the technical crew must still learn to act.  Although it is important for them to overcome stage fright, they may only get in front of their classmates. Students earn grades based on exams testing their knowledge of theater history and on exhibitions of skills they are expected to acquire. Participation in stage productions is mandatory.